the foundation bottle-up is a company that gives waste glass
(derived from the hospitality industry on the island Zanzibar) new life.

i gained my master’s degree Integrated Product Design at the
Delft University of Technology with the bottle | brick project for
foundation bottle-up: using waste glass cullet as aggregate replacement
in building bricks for the local community. 

in 2018 i’ve been managing the foundation on the island, both pushing 
the sales of the bottle-up accessories, as well as discovering the steps
to scale up business for the bricks. 

presented at the Dutch Design Week 2017,
Publication at, Publication in Why Materials Matter 
by Seetal Solanki and captured by Nas Daily.
> see my one minute video by Nas Daily here

special thanks to the bottle-up team, the founders, 
and Qambani for having me. thank you tourists,
for consuming alcoholic beverages.